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Important Information

The Larpworks Community is a member-only club which is open to invitations from those interested in Larping. To join, simply attend one of our sanctioned events and sign up with our staff members.

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Official Communication:
Larpworks Forums: http://forums.larpworks.com
Larpworks Wiki: http://wiki.larpworks.com
General questions e-mail: info@larpworks.com
New Player questions e-mail: newplayer@larpworks.com
Anonymous comments/concerns: http://larpworks.sarahah.com

Mordavia Links:
New Player Form: http://MordaviaNewPlayer.Larpworks.com

Community Communication:
Larpworks Discord Server: https://discord.gg/cfKvx2T

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Our members are always friendly and ready to help.

Our Committment to Excellence

Larpworks is the number one Larp creation group in Louisiana. We specialize in Dynamic Interactive Games and Immersive Experinces.
The Larpworks Mission

Here at Larpworks were dedicated to providing players an open and fun environment to experience our Larp Products. We want all players, staff members, and crew to enjoy themselves. Our products are designed to be use player feedback and interaction to guide aspects of our experiences.

  • We want all our players and attendees to have the best time possible. Let us know how we can help.

  • We intensely focus on the elements of each of our products to make sure that our rigorous standards of quality are upheld.

  • Our goal is always to remain as professional as possible and bring the best service.

Our Team

Meet the people who work hard to bring Larpworks to life.

Matthew Chauvin

Project Lead

Chris Chauvin

Head Logistics Coordinator

Teddy Blanchard

Technical Director

Heath Vizier

Marketing and Public Relations

Our store is always open to get you the gearou need.

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