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Our Projects

Here are the current and upcoming projects presented by Larpworks.

About Larpworks

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, Larpworks LLC is at the forefront of dynamic interactive gaming services. Through our unique and engaging events, we immerse ordinary people into experiences they never thought possible. We are the makers of dreams, and the granters of wishes.

Larping, or Live-Action-Role-Playing is a fun and active way to stay healthy and socially involved. Please join us to learn what it means to see the world in a new way. Larpworks is a community-focused organization that brings people together in a safe and creative way to express themselves.

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Become a Hero, or Die a Villain

Take on exciting new roles and experience life through the eyes of another person. Larpworks engages its customers in dynamic, interactive games with immersive narrative experiences. Come and add your verse to our epic sagas of bravery and plunder.

Here are some great moments captured by our staff. This is a game you can see, feel, and touch. Stay fit and healthy participating in a fun and active game that has high stakes, and even higher rewards.

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