October 2, 2019

Mordavia Chronicles

Only a once a year opportunity
Live out an Epic Tale
Join a unique larping experience
Exclusively for experienced larpers who have already attended an episode of the Mordavia game.

Turn back the pages of Mordavia’s history to experience a familiar tale as a new and exciting adventure. Will you watch as epic history unfolds, or will you tempt fate and alter history forever?

Dedicated Staff
– Limited player capacity to maintain a high staff to player ratio
– Staff are fully dedicated to the player experience so that Players can be in-character for the entire weekend to be able to enjoy the entire story without missing out.

High Immersion
– Meals included. Real world cash will not be used during gameplay
– Food and food items are considered to be in-play
– No branded products allowed
– Costuming accessories provided
– Cars parked off site

Stand Alone Campaign
– Unique Character Creation System to place Players in an enjoyable Character role.
– Simply experience the story unfold; or attempt to complete quests to win rewards and leave a permanent mark on Mordvian history.