September 7, 2018

Larpworks Presents: Mordavia

LarpWorks Presents: Mordavia is a Live Action Roleplaying Game. Players create and play the role of a fictional Character. This Character persona is the lens through which the Player will experience the game world. The story and Non Player Characters (NPCs) are managed and played by dedicated Staff members who help bring the setting to life. Players use a unique rules system to define how Characters can interact with each other and the game world such as how to conduct combat safely or how to cast a spell in-game.

Mordavia is the dark medieval fantasy world that incorporates high-level role-play and action packed battles of metal and magic designed to be quick and decisive.

The game runs on a rules engine known as the “Advantage System” created with influences from Larps around the world. The system focuses on simplicity so that it can remain as unnoticed as possible during game play. The Advantage System is balanced using a cyclical balancing system. There is no “one spell to rule them all” in Mordavia, as everything in the game has a counterbalance. Additionally, the system addresses player level gaps, level creep, stagnation, and many other common pitfalls that common Larps face.


Mordavia has a hard focus on dynamic, interactive gameplay; Immersive experiences; and Player-driven story.