September 7, 2018


Larpworks is Lousiana’s favorite Larp creators who specialize in dynamic interactive gaming. Below are some of the projects Larpworks is involved in the production of:

Larpworks Presents: Mordavia

This is the flagship Larp of Larpworks. Immerse yourself into a fantasy world built in a post-apocalyptic kingdom. Will your character be the savior or the villain of the story? Come and join the excitement in making a story all your own.

Mordavia Links:
Current Rulebook:

The Larpworks LarpWorkshop
Join us at a location near you where we discuss new developments, play games, craft weapons and costuming, and making new concepts and stories. The Larp-Workshop is a community event that is free to all attendees and offers prizes to club members who attend.

The Omega Network (Coming Soon)
Larpworks Presents a unique twist on Nerf Larps, Omega Network is the newest project brought to the Larp community and one of the very first Nerf Larps available.