Chapter 2: The Last Frontier
With the gruesome and tragic loss of their Mayor, Baroness Era, the town faced an unknown fate. Strangely, this seemed to fulfill Baron Victor McCormick’s insane ramblings of the position of Mayor being cursed, which propagated many rumors and suspicions of these tragic events throughout the following chapters. Local stability was shattered and chaos reigned amongst the Heroic Souls.

Many Heroic Souls were still grieving, some were searching for direction, others saw the opportunity created by the void of power so crudely delivered by the Huntmaster and planned to seize them. Regardless of these conditions, the gears of government kept on turning and the Principalities expected the tithes owed to them from the Heroic Souls’ Lords. No manner of tragedy would stop the race to claim the bountiful resources and secrets of Eredeti. Thus, rare resources of the forest were demanded in large quantities. Such large quantities, in fact, that the guilds and individuals of the town would surely be needed to complete these heavy contracts.

Episode 1 : Rumination and Negligence
The Sargonians regrouped from the Huntmasters sneak attack before making another move. As soon as the ice of winter melted to the warm rays of spring, Captain Warforged and Lieutenant Edward of the Royal Military moved swiftly. At the meeting of all of the Heroic Souls of noble blood, Captain Warforged declared that the Wildkin were their enemies and needed to be destroyed. The nobles seemed split on how the town should be governed and how they should approach this issue. Lt. Edward reminded the Captain that Prince Kel gave strict orders that they could not engage in aggressive actions against the Wildkin population. After quickly becoming bored of the politics, the Captain conceded that they were still unprepared for a full on war with the Wildkin and they needed many supplies, training, and of course, permission from Prince Kel. They then left the nobles to continue recruitment of loyal mercenaries amongst the Heroic Souls and arrange training of the less experienced of them. 

The wildkin pack of felines, simply referred to as the Cat Tribe, ambushed the Heroic Souls in town. As a house cat would play with a mouse before eating it, the cats “played” with the Heroic Souls before killing many of them. The few prisoners taken by the “Heroic Souls” were interrogated. Questioning revealed that they claimed to follow the whimsical but murderous teachings of a cat named Tiamat. These Cats swore to stop the expansion of the intruders and would slay as many Sargonians and Heroic Souls as possible.

A group of scholars called the Cult of Knowledge came to town looking for knowledge and secrets of the Heroic Souls and the forest. After testing many Heroic Souls to see if they were “intellectual prodigies.” After discovering the potential of the Heroic Souls the cult decided they would build a Church here in Eredeti as a sign of their devotion to learning all of the unknown knowledge of the forest.

Infinity Corp is the oldest corporation in Mordavia, dating back to before the cataclysm. It is run by a mysterious CEO who has apparently sent a Golden Created to broker deals with the Heroic Souls. This Created, going by the name of Mr. MoniBaggz, dressed with an all gold motif and was quick to offer large sums of money upfront to have large contracts handled for him and the Infinity Corporation. Mr. Monibaggz exclaimed that he needed all of these resources so that they could establish a large factory in the forest so that they could increase their alchemical production by orders of magnitude. He seemed very excited about the expansion of the company across Mordavia and was glad to find such helpful and resourceful Heroic Souls to help this endeavour.