Episode 2
A magical gateway materialized in the middle of the frontier town. A strange mist poured forth from the gate and a mysterious military force stepped through into the material realm. They seemed to be of many different races but they all wore a long grey and silver shimmering cloth that seemed to symbolize this unknown faction.

The force aggressively searched the area and harassed the Heroic Souls searching for “Gate Walkers” whom they claimed somehow committed some grave sin against their master before the last cataclysm. They captured many of the Heroic Souls and brought them to the Gate to speak with their leader for further The military force seemed to have a strangely mutated general with a strange tentacle like appendage.

This general spoke of strange philosophies and identified itself as “The Truth” against the false Hierarchy of Gebelizis and Herros. They left an ominous warning that they would return a year later to dismantle what the false gods had created. 

A short time later, a Created, made of Opal Stone and wearing the uniform of the Order of the Right Hand, appeared from a Temporal Rift, with several Heroic Souls who had been snatched away from the battle in targeted raids, before it began. He introduced himself as Commander Granite of The Leyline Warriors, a group that is supposed to only be a legend. He explained that there was a Cosmic War starting and that the Heroic Souls were in the middle of it, as well as the keys to victory for any side. The Opal Created apologized that he could not do more but offered assurances that he and others from The Leyline Warriors would be there when they were truly needed.

A Treant, claiming relationship to one who was previously slain in town, made a demand for the Seed of his fallen brethren and issued a time for his return. Later that night, the Treant returned, as promised. Just as it seemed that an all out war was about to erupt, a group of Heroic Souls sprinted across town and back, acquiring the Seed returning it. The Treant thanked the Heroic Souls and the two sides parted on amicable terms. The Heroic Souls were optimistic for an alliance or partnership of some kind.

However, not long after this peaceful resolution, these same Treant’s began to fall victim to strange and bewildering attacks. These attacks did not kill the Treants, but corrupted them, via strange daggers ritually enchanted to infect the hearts of those that were attacked. The source of the daggers and the attacks was not clear, nor was the intention of these actions, except for perhaps the spreading chaos and confusion.

The Flame Keepers learn of the importance of the Sacred Fire in the town, and teach the players about nature’s cycle. The Flame Keepers, a hardy survivalist cult of Ifram worshippers performed a ritual to summon the avatar of Ifram, The Ashen Rain. 

Ormus, a former member of the Flame Keepers, left the Tribe to become more acquainted with the civilized world. He travelled to the Demon Kingdom where he met the followers of Vesta. They showed him the ways of Flavormancy and he returned to the town to teach of these new ways. The Flame Keepers were not receptive to these ways, and instead wished to summon Ashen Rain, so that he may rule as leader of the cycle. Ormus left his former family and formed a group of Vesta Worshippers known as the Hearth Tenders, who work in the Tavern and provide food and service to all who venture into Eredeti. After rooting out a known necromancer and incinerating it for using forbidden magic, Ormus followed in the footsteps of the worshipers of Vesta, and brought Vesta’s magic to the town.

Though the Heroic Souls were still trying to process all that had transpired, the bringing of Vesta’s Sacred Flame to the frontier helped calm their nerves and promised a future of unity and prosperity. However, with such prosperity, the frontier finds itself gaining an equal amount of attention. If even unknown travellers from unknown realms were showing up, it surely wouldn’t be long before all of Mordavia had its eyes set on the frontier town and the heroic souls.