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Book 2: Chapter 1 : Episode 4

Episode 4: The First Hunt The Winter Holidays, celebrated as Gebmas and Yule, caused tensions to be relieved for a short time. The Sargaonians were ordered to only conduct defensive maneuvers and to wait until after winter to begin construction on a road from Sargon to the frontier. However, howls, terrifying growls, the gnashing of […]

Book 2: Chapter 1 : Episode 3

Episode 3: Laying The Cornerstone, Part Two Rumors began to spread across Mordavia that a town of Heroic Souls was being established deep within the wild frontier of Eredeti. Sargonian Soldiers, with the support of the Royal Military, began claiming a part of the forest in the name of the King. These events have also […]

Book 2: Chapter 1 : Episode 2

Episode 2 The Heroic Souls continued to explore the areas just outside of the frontier town. They were introduced to some of the local inhabitants of the forest. They also encountered various travelers with their own personal agendas, or many of them being associated with guilds and other principalities such as Sargon. It seems these […]

Book 2: Chapter 1 : Episode 1

Larpworks Presents: Mordavia, Volume 2 The following information is a retelling of mostly common knowledge of important events that occured during gameplay of each episode. The mention of Heroic Souls has mostly been removed so that none of our 120+ unique Players feel left out and that no secrets are unwillingly let out to the […]