Episode 2
The Heroic Souls continued to explore the areas just outside of the frontier town. They were introduced to some of the local inhabitants of the forest. They also encountered various travelers with their own personal agendas, or many of them being associated with guilds and other principalities such as Sargon. It seems these various individuals and factions had interest in the mysterious heroic souls and the ancient forest.

One such adventurer was The Royal Prospector, a Golden Created that once worked for King Alcyon himself.  He came through town looking for help mapping the area and searching for ancient sites that were rumored to be within the depths of the forest. He also set up training for several students, in the skills of Prospecting and Mapmaking. He mentioned that while he was still on a mission for the late King, he was prospecting the area for a force of Sargonian Military to move into the area and set up camp.

A mysterious figure concealed under black cloth called himself the Huntmaster. He claimed to have some sort of authority of the forest granted to him by his Master and Bendis, the deity of the Moon. The huntmaster began to recruit Heroic Souls to join his Pack. Each of the Pack were then branded with a special dark sigil in the form of a crescent moon and was said to grant powers when the Eye of Bendis was fully open.

Unprepared to communicate with the natural creatures of Eredeti, a conflict erupted between the Heroic Souls and a group of Treants. The conflict became further escalated when a Treant was defeated and its Seed was taken by the Heroic Souls. Luckily with the help of some Nature casters, the townsfolk were finally able to communicate with these creatures. It seemed the seed from the fallen tree ent would rebirth another, thus completing the natural cycle of nature. A simple lesson, but one that seems to permeate throughout Mordavia.

Several events similar to this occurred with strange local inhabitants such as goblins seeking shinies, elusive shadow creatures nesting in the nearby shadows, and half-spirit like nature creatures called mephits. Indeed, it seemed the newly established frontier town was ready to explore Eredeti and make contact with its local inhabitants. However, the Heroic Souls did not seem to be able to agree how they should go about dealing with these creatures. Some saw them as a danger that must be quelled, while others such as the Baroness saw opportunity in trying to maintain peace with these lesser, but still sentient creatures. Only time would tell.