orks Presents: Mordavia, Volume 2
The following information is a retelling of mostly common knowledge of important events that occured during gameplay of each episode. The mention of Heroic Souls has mostly been removed so that none of our 120+ unique Players feel left out and that no secrets are unwillingly let out to the public. 

Chapter 1: Laying the Foundation
The Forest of Eredeti is an ancient and incredibly dangerous forest that borders all the Principalities of Mordavia. This land is unclaimed as it sits in the center of the world of Mordavia. The forest is bountiful in rare resources and contains ancient artifacts and secrets of the time before the Great Cataclysm. Due to the incredible danger and terrible creatures and magic that are said to reside in the Forest, few risk venturing into the unknown of Eredeti.

With the last King having been dead now for several decades, the Princes of Mordavia have been at a long and uneasy alliance. The Princes decided to join the efforts of Prince Kel of Sargon. His plan had the promise of creating catalyst that would allow for all the Princes to have a chance to finally fulfill their own ambitious dreams. Thus, the Princes of Mordavia declared the Proclamation of Expansion. This proclamation granted anyone of noble blood to go and claim a piece of the ancient and dangerous forest of Eredeti. Knowing the Forest was filled with lost treasure from before the cataclysm and an abundance of rare resources, many daring souls with great ambition, or by fate, decided to heed the call of the proclamation.

Episode 1: Rising The Cornerstone
The game takes place deep at the center of the Forest of Eredeti at a mysterious abandoned tavern. There a group of Noble Barons were squabbling over who should be able to lay claim to this tavern and become Mayor of a new township. The Barons present were:

Baroness Era, A charity Elf of Alcyon.
Baron Victor McCormick, a Vampire from Noctu.
Baron Oakenfist the Half-orc Shaman of Morgrim.
Baron Nix, from the House of Pride of the Demon Kingdom.
Baron Veneris Mar, an Elf of Sargon.

As stated in the Kings Law, the only way to decide an argument among equal ranking nobles was by dueling, typically to the death. The Barons, considering themselves to be “civilized” decided to select champions to fight in their place to determine the fate of the new frontier town.

Luckily for the Barons, by a strange chance of Fate, almost 100 Heroic Souls also present. These Heroic Souls were magically compelled to journey from across Mordavia to come here, now finding themselves magically trapped within the forest. Thus, many found it in their best interest to make alliances with the various Barons.

Baron McCormick was very vocal about being chosen above all other Vampire Barons of Noctu for this opportunity. He was sure to mention to each of the other Barons that he was fated to rule this new town and had prepared and waited his entire life for such an opportunity to prove himself.

McCormick’s champion was victorious during the first round and seemed well positioned to win the tournament. However, in a strange twist of fate, just before the second match was to begin a young Vampire Lord of Noctu named Mrs. Fang abruptly ran up to McCormick. This interruption made quite the scene as many became confused. She insisted she had a letter of utter importance that McCormick must read. McCormick, so close to victory, was very hesitant to take the time to bother. However, Mrs. Fang is McCormicks lover and she journeyed all the way from Noctu to deliver the letter from his long lost friend Alistar Poe. Hearing this name for the first time in many years he decided to read the letter.

McCormick took but a minute to read the letter, but became incredibly unsettled. He seemed to have a panic attack or minor seizure of some kind. Noticing 100 souls onlooking at him with surprise and curiosity, he regained his composure. After a moment of silence, McCormick began to talk strange gibberish about having been the Mayor of this town before. He exclaimed to the other Barons that the position of Mayor of the Frontier Town was cursed and that the Mayor and their followers would suffer a fate worse than death. With that, he declared he would concede the match and gave up his claim of the town.

Suddenly, the town erupted with yelling, conversations, and overall confusion. McCormick made his way to the Tavern with Mrs.Fang and the other Barons took little hesitation to declare McCormick eliminated from the tournament, moving them to the final match to determine the Mayor of the town. He was last seen giving a ruby necklace to an Heroic Soul who was also a Vampire Noble before leaving town with Mrs. Fang.

The position of Mayor, certain to bolster the power and authority of the winner, was far too important to pay mind to the crazy ramblings of an obviously mad Vampire. The tournament for control of the town continued uninterrupted. In the end, Baroness Era was declared the winner, taking the position of Mayor. She promised to rule the frontier town closely with her allies, who were of many diverse races, and also in a fair and charitable manner so they may all prosper. 

Baron Mar, an official representative of the Principality of Sargon, borrowed a bunch of money from the Sargonian Nobles in order to fund advanced gear for his chosen Champion. Sadly, his Champion lost in the final round. Due to drastically overleveraging a lost position, Baron Mar made a quick escape.

Baron Oakenfist, following the traditions of Morgrim and the Half-orc ancestors, tracked down McCormicks Champion. Even though their fight was cancelled, it was due to what Oakenfist saw as cowardice. So he gave the Champion a fair chance to regain his honor and to duel oakenfist to the death then and there. The Heroic Souls accepted the fight and lost as expected. Oakenfist greatly respected this display of honor and said he would inform Prince Morgrim of these actions.

The Demon Baron approached the Baroness and her allied nobles afterwards in the Tavern and exclaimed his dissatisfaction for her victory. He mentioned that the Demon Kingdom was not finished with their business and would not stand for an elf to rule for long. During mid conversation he suddenly dropped dead. It was discovered that he had made a demonic contract promising him the Position of Prince of Pride if he was to be victorious, and if he lost, the fate was obvious.

As the nobles were deciding what the victory of Baroness Era meant for them, the more adventurous newcomers of the forest, realizing they may be stuck in this place for some time, decided to become familiar with the area. Others attempted to find the source of whatever magic was compelling them to be here in the first place. However, in the forest they quickly encountered resistance from the local Wildkin population, along with other local inhabitants and creatures of the area.