Episode 3: Laying The Cornerstone, Part Two
Rumors began to spread across Mordavia that a town of Heroic Souls was being established deep within the wild frontier of Eredeti. Sargonian Soldiers, with the support of the Royal Military, began claiming a part of the forest in the name of the King. These events have also caught the interest of many seeing great risk but also great opportunity with venturing out to this dangerous new frontier. Merchants and researchers from Sargon, seeking to exploit the bountiful resources and opportunities, began to travel to the town.

The Sargonians are a very industrious society of Humans and they consider themselves to be technologically advanced and civilized. Thus, they are the sworn enemies of the Wildkin whom they see as nothing more than beasts, and so they actively hunt and trap them. The Royal Military, is a faction of the Sargonian Military, but were once highly loyal and elite personal guards of the late King Alcyon I. Their leader, Captain Warforged is an experienced and battle hardened warrior with a missing eye. He comes off as a staunch, no nonsense type, except he is often seen flailing around a golden pistol, taking aim at wildkin for fun. He claims his eye was taken by a blood thirsty Varkolak which he now wears the pelt proudly as a cape.  Warforged attended the noble meeting seeking to recruit warriors to help Prince Kel of Sargon fight back against what they see as vicious and bloodthirsty wildkin. They are also planning to build a road from the town directly to Sargon. With the promise of silver, potion, and fighting for the greater good, Warforged and his trusty 2nd in command, Lieutenant Edward, began training a group of heroes.

The Royal Prospector leads a party into Eredeti Forest and goes missing from the group when they are all traversing through thick undergrowth. They were looking for some sort of natural forming “Gate”, according to the Royal Prospector. He may have found it, but the rest of the party were left baffled by the incident.

An Imp by the name of Brackish drunkenly stumbled into town claiming to be the first mate of Captain Red Beard, a notorious pirate king who uses the forest of Eredeti to bury their treasure. He was accompanied by an unsavory crew that he referred to as “Chum.” After securing help from the heroic souls, and most importantly, alcohol, they set out to find buried treasure. They returned and Brakish drunkenly failed in his attempt to impress the Mayor, Baroness Era, with their exploits. Brackish drunkenly mentioned his plan and that, sadly, all of the “Chum” gave their lives to liberate their rightfully buried treasure.

The Wildkin are organized in tribes based on their animal type and seem to have highly mixed opinions on how to handle the issue of the newcomers to the forest. Some, such as the Avian Tribe claim they are intent on peace while others such as the Feline Tribe seem intent on slaying and devouring all intruders to what they consider to be their sacred lands.

While some encounters with the local inhabitants were peaceful, several deadly skirmishes broke out between the Sargonians and the Wildkin getting the Heroic Souls caught up in the issue. To add to the confusion, native inhabitants and primitive creatures of the forest began to take interest in the heroic souls as the entire forest of Erideti seemed to become aware of the new frontier town and the incursion of outsiders into the ancient forest. For better, or for worse, some factions openly expand their influence while others are yet to be revealed.