Book 2: Chapter 2 Episode 4

Episode 4 : Better to Revel than to Wallow Warforged and Lt. Edward were again present at the Noble Meeting to make two announcements from Prince Kel, of Sargon. Warforged said one was good news and one was bad and gave the Nobles the option to choose which would be first. Captain Warforge seemed uneasy […]

Book 2: Chapter 2 Episode 3

Episode 3 : Past Exploits and Future Prospects The strange and mysterious nature of the Heroic Souls have caught the attention of many powerful organizations and factions. These groups devoted massive amounts of time and energy braving the great danger to send envoys to the frontier town in an attempt to broker deals and alliances […]

Book 2: Chapter 2 Episode 2

Episode 2 A magical gateway materialized in the middle of the frontier town. A strange mist poured forth from the gate and a mysterious military force stepped through into the material realm. They seemed to be of many different races but they all wore a long grey and silver shimmering cloth that seemed to symbolize […]

Book 2: Chapter 2 Episode 1

Chapter 2: The Last Frontier With the gruesome and tragic loss of their Mayor, Baroness Era, the town faced an unknown fate. Strangely, this seemed to fulfill Baron Victor McCormick’s insane ramblings of the position of Mayor being cursed, which propagated many rumors and suspicions of these tragic events throughout the following chapters. Local stability […]

Book 2: Chapter 1 : Episode 4

Episode 4: The First Hunt The Winter Holidays, celebrated as Gebmas and Yule, caused tensions to be relieved for a short time. The Sargaonians were ordered to only conduct defensive maneuvers and to wait until after winter to begin construction on a road from Sargon to the frontier. However, howls, terrifying growls, the gnashing of […]

Book 2: Chapter 1 : Episode 3

Episode 3: Laying The Cornerstone, Part Two Rumors began to spread across Mordavia that a town of Heroic Souls was being established deep within the wild frontier of Eredeti. Sargonian Soldiers, with the support of the Royal Military, began claiming a part of the forest in the name of the King. These events have also […]

Book 2: Chapter 1 : Episode 2

Episode 2 The Heroic Souls continued to explore the areas just outside of the frontier town. They were introduced to some of the local inhabitants of the forest. They also encountered various travelers with their own personal agendas, or many of them being associated with guilds and other principalities such as Sargon. It seems these […]

Book 2: Chapter 1 : Episode 1

Larpworks Presents: Mordavia, Volume 2 The following information is a retelling of mostly common knowledge of important events that occured during gameplay of each episode. The mention of Heroic Souls has mostly been removed so that none of our 120+ unique Players feel left out and that no secrets are unwillingly let out to the […]

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The Larpworks Community is a member-only club which is open to invitations from those interested in Larping. To join, simply attend one of our sanctioned events and sign up with our staff members. Official Communication: General questions e-mail: Mordavia questions e-mail: Larpworks Forums: Larpworks Wiki: Anonymous comments/concerns: Mordavia Links: Current Rulebook: New Player Form: […]

The Politics of Larp

Larping is a great hobby and pastime. It is a way to grow together and learn new forms of experience. We are able to see things from different perspectives and are able to judge others in a way that is socially acceptable while still being able to achieve ideological victory through feaux-violence. It is not, […]